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Mozart's Birthday

Today was Mozart's Birthday. Wolfie's that is. Not the papa.

They played elevator music at work, in the one elevator. I've never heard elevator music there before, especially not a closed-loop of the Queen of the Night's aria from Die Zauberfloete.
Annoyingly, it was a midi, like the one on this page rather than a human voice, or even an automaton or homonculus.

In news from the salt mine, Zelig cards appeared in the maintenance tunnel next to the one I'm currently digging, and I finished a test to see if the payload would fall out when I crash the bus, but no matter how many potholes I ran over the payload stayed perniciously stuck to the blade.
Unfortunately I wasn't given time to finish the robot which would repeat it ad infinitum, nor to install the clockwork abacus needed to give it recognition of whether or not the payload had fallen out and crawled back onto the blade before the robot noticed.

Instead, I was set to work on the scaffolding for the FTL Test. I wasn't able to make any intentional catastrophes, but I did manage to find a number of flaws in the scaffold.

Tomorrow, I hope there is no elevator music.

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