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House and moving update

We signed papers on Thursday the 24th, only 3 months (almost to the day) later than the latest date we were originally told we would have to wait. So, it's ALMOST real. I'll believe it when (1) the mortgages both disappear, and (2) the sale amount appears in my checking account. Yeah, I gave them a deposit slip for that purpose.

We have an apartment, at Quatama Village in Aloha, Oregon, and will begin moving there on the 1st of March (at which date I give them a chunk o money).

The apartment is noticeably smaller than our house, and there will be at least a few things that have to go into storage. A freezer will take up residence at the home of friends, for instance, and there's a couch that's probably going to storage. Much of our library will still come with us, but I'm debating whether the comics should go into the climate controlled storage, and the kitchen table will go but the chairs may not all go. They can go to the church, which has the same kind, after they get cleaned off. We need to replace the chairs with better ones.

I've already got Lingo so the telephone number will move with us. This is complicated by the fact that the geniuses at Lingo have a broken fax and you have to fax them the authorization form. So, I'm going to have to spend $30 to set up, and $15 to pay for a month of, Verizon forwarding my calls to the temporary Lingo phone number. If that number isn't actually hosted locally, then something will have to be done to disable the spamcalls. Also, had a friend phone us and the phone didn't actually ring, but I might've disabled the ringer on that particular phone, IIRC.

The other good thing about Lingo is that I can call AT&T and say "Thanks, but I have ended my phone service and no longer need your long distance, since I now have effective local calls anywhere in the US, Canada, and (!) Western Europe." This VOIP thing is just awesome. Also need to arrange for move with Comcast, but do not want to turn OFF this side until we have turned ON that side and moved Penny.

Friend Jim came by yesterday, we cleaned the worst stuff in the Garage. My brother Casey came by today and took the futon and frame for his son, and took the oak rocking chair for himself. This reduces the excess furniture that has to be moved.

Remaining stuff to worry about: Two bookcases. Fine wedding china and crystal, mostly will be packed to store with friends B&L. Kitchen table. (Kitchen chairs need to be replaced, will be given to the church which has the same kind.) Hope Chest. Second toy chest going to church. MARBLE coffee table. Entertainment unit going to Goodwill. Extra couch (store with friends S&J?). Freezer going to live with friends R&S who need it, and may also want some of the contents. MANY dolls and toys, mostly to store with B&L? ... perhaps I need to rent us a garage for a while? Might be cheaper than storage unit, if we have stuff that we want to keep closer at hand.
Some of stuff in kitchen might as well go to Goodwill, as we don't use it now. Videotapes, CDs and DVDs, to be sorted and some kept.
Christmas-deco into storage with B&L?
There are more books, and I haven't re-packed my comics which I was sorting for sale. Did manage to sell some though.

Work is doing well. There's more than enough work to keep us going for a long, long time, so I am fairly sure I'm employed until November at least. Will see what happens after that. I need to deal with the sleep issue though, and avoid doing any more City of Heroes after 10 PM on work nights. Although I've determined that what has been wiping me out (sleepiness at work) last week has not been strictly narcolepsy, but rather, I have had a viral rhinitis of some sort. Also, Provigil may not be doing what it should be doing, in my case. Still getting a bit of the EDS going on.

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