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House Sale Complete!

I went in and gave money to the apartment people today, and afterwards, stopped by my credit union to pick up some checks. I verified that the 2nd mortgage had been paid off, that the balance of funds had gone into our checking account, and then (a bit later) verified that the first mortgage has been paid off.

We are now back in the land of the renter, for a year or maybe a bit longer.

So, now is the time of chicken-like headless running around.

We plan to actually move in this weekend. It will be interesting seeing if our bed fits the master bedroom, which feels a bit small (especially by comparison with the converted family room which we have been using.)

Once moved in, getting stuff out of the house will become the next priority. Yay. We have a LOT of books.


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    I'm so sorry Steve.
  • 3 Apr 2013, 00:07
    Oh, golly, I'm so sorry. :(
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