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Still Moving

Moving from a house (4 bedrooms + garage + OMIGOD THIS PLACE HAS SO MUCH STORAGE!) to a 2-bedroom apartment with half the living space, and OMIGOD THIS PLACE HAS NO STORAGE!) ... ok, so we've gotten rid of about half of what we need to get rid of.

Movers come Sunday at 1pm.
By then, all our STUFF has to be in boxes.
The garbage and recycling will be readily dealt with.
The non-working car is in the shop.

And, the refrigerator which, according to rubyloot, I prevented her from cleaning in 2001 ... and hadn't had time to clean myself ... took revenge. Oh my, it took revenge. There were things growing there, and things that had ... puddled ... and dried. Did you know that mildew can talk? Fortunately the Steam Shark Steam Bottle which I picked up at Target for 30 bucks - do NOT pay more than that, and pay less if you can - made quick work of the majority of the mess.

It's kind of fun but you have to refill it often. And, it looks more like a Steam Shrew than a shark. Other people have complained about the product line.

Anyway. Three rooms to be packed, two rooms to be final-passed, and one highly disgusting room to be cleaned.

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