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It's been a long time since I just carelessly got a toy.

Yeah, well, it wasn't carelessly this time - I did sort of budget up for it.

Thursday, Sony launched the PSP in the US. Friday noon, well after the alleged hysterical rush was over, I called the local Game Stop and asked them if they happened to have one around.

They did.

I spent the afternoon listening to - not watching, because it's hard to code while watching - Spiderman 2 on the UDM disk that came with the set. I would rather have gotten a game, all told, because I already own a copy of S2. Also, there's far too much screaming on S2. But I didn't have any music to put on it.

I bought an extra larger-size 'Memory Stick PRO Duo' - if they get much smaller I won't be able to handle them with my fat fingers - and a copy of Lumines. Sweet, addictive Lumines, with its lovely music that gets more complex as you do more fun things. I really think it's as close to a Rave as I'm likely to get in my advanced decrepitude. I bought a USB connect cable.

The 256MB larger stick is not big enough to put a full movie on. I'll need to find a 1GB stick for that.
OK, a moment to pause and enjoy the future shock - I can now buy (for about 130 dollars) a little tiny chip of plastic, and I can put an entire movie on that chip of plastic, in a fairly decent encoding that actually looks good on the handheld display which is (close up) as crisp as any HDTV I've seen. OK, maybe not quite that good. Still, quite nice.
And there's no problem so far with the [] key nor with dead pixels. Then again that doesn't show for a while.

Spent much of last night, and much of today (while unpacking) ripping CDs. I never had a reason to do so before. Now, with a toy that will play them back, I am compelled to grab as much as I can.

And for any copyright fiends out there - none of it's going into any shared location. I also need to find and buy the Yma Sumac songs that merryjest loaned me.

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