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Morning conversation

This is typical morning conversation at the home of rubyloot and foomf.

Loonatiks Unlimited promo bit comes on TV. RubyLoot watches skeptically. Foomf heads into kitchen to make breakfast. Commercial ends.

RubyLoot: "OK, that's not Bugs."
Foomf: "No, those are the future descendants."
RubyLoot: "I mean, there's no sense of humor, no sneaky wiles, no cross-dressing."
Foomf: "Well... if they're in the future and all anyone wears is that skin-tight spandex, maybe he IS cross-dressing and we just can't tell."

Smallville commercial comes on. Clark is apparently in Metropolis, and jumping from one skyscraper to the next, with dire results for the next one when he misses.

Foomf: "So much for leaping tall buildings in a single bound."
RubyLoot: "Dut DWEEE!"
Foomf: "Yeah, a real Tick moment."

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