Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison


Maus, my apologies, but I'm removing you from my (misnamed) friends list.
While most of the people whose journals I watch are my friends, and some of my friends are in my watch list, I'm taking maus_merryjest out of my list.

We discussed, some time back, that I find your continual anti-religion screeds, and the anti-christian ones in particular, to be tiresome at best. For a while, you confined them to a different journal, but then they crept rapidly back into your mainstream, and they've become the defining feature of your journal, actually edging out the interesting stuff about your life and music.

So, now, when I want to find out how you're doing, I'll have to go hunting for it instead of seeing it when I open my default journal.

I really wish they'd change the name of that feature to 'watch list'.

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