Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Orycon 27

So I'm at Orycon 27 this weekend.

Plusses: VERY NICE view of river. Wheelchair accessible room that actually is, within the limited meaning of that word for hotels. We got the convention rate of $99 a night. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful (absolutely unlike the Columbia River hotel where Orycon was for the previous 17 years.) Food that reportedly does not taste like it has been eaten once already (unlike the Columbia River hotel).

Minusses: Kind of expensive food. Hotel tax is something like $25 per night. Parking costs $23 a day. No, I am NOT tipping the Valet at that rate. Elevators are 30 years old and NOT programmable, therefore, utterly no adaptability to the peculiar elevator habits of science fiction fans. (We ride them. A lot.) Internet is not free either - $10 a day for wireless, or $10 a day for wired, and NO WAY TO SHARE!!!

The programming is a bit sparse for new stuff, but tolerable.

I'm going to urge that Patty Wells (the hotel liason goddess) actually write up her account of everything that went on (starting in March, the Columbia River Hotel was closed by the new owners... who are idiots; she ended up being drafted to find a new hotel) and attach it to the web page. It's appalling and hilarious.

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