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Hateful disease.

My grandfather had some sort of esophogeal surgery in his younger days (I imagine he was younger than I am, though not by much) because his esophagus had been damaged. My dad has always been a skinny s.o.b. and never had reflux to my knowledge.

However, I've had it since I was in my 30s, and there's nothing quite like the wonderful sensation of being jolted out of a sound sleep by a truly foul-tasting, caustic sensation in your mouth, and an agonizing burning in the lungs.

I take ranitidine for this, and normally it keeps my stomach acids to a tolerable level... but certain foods set me off.
For instance, anaheim peppers, common in chili powders and mexican cooking, and in some Barbecue, are like shoving a butane torch into my throat and igniting it.

Apparently, so are pork rinds. I'm trying to keep low-carb so rather than eating a bag of potato chips (having eaten a small single-serving bag much earlier in the day) I decided to eat some pork rinds. Un-spicy, but tasty and they kill my desire to go eat a bunch of stuff that isn't good for me.

So I ended up waking up at 4AM coughing. Spent a while gargling and drinking water and coughing up the vile stuff that my lungs were making to protect themselves, and finally remembered we have a box of bicarbonate of soda, which works wonders in small doses to kill the acid.

Ended up watching part of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" - not PC in any way, shape, or form - and reading comics until just before 6AM, then killed the alarm too many times and got to work at 11AM so am here until 7PM. Would be better if there were more to do but I'm just verifying that bugs have been fixed, not even writing new tests. If tomorrow is this dead I will have to write up some new report documents (things I wanted but couldn't find in earlier testing, which would come under the heading "getting prepared.")

My contract at Intel has been extended one month, while they try to set up an ICE (direct contract) for six months. If they can pull that off, I may or may not get hired full-time. If I don't, my heart will not break, but if I do, I will not be miserable; Intel can be a good place to work if you have a good group and if you watch your back.

Penny's not doing as well as she was. The bursitis in her hips is worsening. Saturday afternoon, and again this morning, when she got out of bed and stood up in her walker, she screamed in pain because something in her left hip was feeling like a red hot sharpened knife had been jammed in to the joint and pulled down towards her knee.
We had been giving her anti-inflammatory (NSAIDS, primarily Naproxen) in fairly large doses. The doctor discovered she was anemic and prescribed iron; recently, she began having severe anorexia (nausea at the thought of solid food) and has been eating fewer than 900 calories a day - very dangerous as it sets up the risk of damage to the heart and of muscle wasting - and after she threw up four days in a row after eating, and we got her to her appointment, he said "Stop taking that stuff and start taking Prilosec. You probably have an ulcer caused by the meds."

So we did that, and after about three weeks, she's only thrown up twice, but she can't sit up in the living room, as the pain in her hips causes tension in her lower back and her ribcage; still, because the pain was still there and still acute, she'd been taking more of the oxycontin than her 'maintenance' dose. After having to get extra meds twice in five weeks, the doctor has decided she needs to come in. This will hurt, but what the heck; we NEED to find out what is going on here.

Because, the narcotic is not completely killing the pain, and the small amount of ibuprofin we added back after 2 weeks has been helping (knocking down the inflammation) but ... this is not a good thing. Being in excruciating pain should not be a regular thing you can set your clock by.
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