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So the medical stuff schedule:

Monday, rubyloot had the doctor visit where we also had the blood tests done that showed very elevated white cells and such.
Tuesday, we went in and she had a CT scan that showed stuff in/around her liver that wasn't supposed to be there.
Wednesday (today) we took her in for blood cultures - they want to know what kind of bacteria are living in her blood - and for a 'clotting time test' ... the latter being because they are going to do a biopsy. The result was troublesome. They put a blood pressure cuff on the arm, set for a light pressure, nick the skin very slightly (like a cat scratch) and then see how long it takes to clot. It needs to clot within 20 minutes, and it didn't - but we've been giving rubyloot an aspirin or two a day, to protect her heart, so I had to stop that.

Thursday (tomorrow) nothing scheduled. Although I need to take in a specimen.

Friday (9th) at 12:30, (EDIT: OR Tomorrow, Thursday the 8th ?!! Better be Friday, as the blood cultures take at least 24 hours to run!) we return to the hospital (Providence St. Vincents) at 12:30, and at 2:15, an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy will be performed. This will be examined by her oncologist, Dr. Gosewehr, who did her original surgery.

Monday (12th) we meet with the doctor around 11:30 and we discover what he's found, and what they can do for her.

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