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Journal ala mode

Well, this is my first try at using this avant-go client... it seems to be slightly faster, as expected, to use Grafitti to enter the data. At some point I'll have to find out if hackmaster & fitaly will work on this box.

I'm at church now, running the monthly auto-debits ... something that was supposed to be a temporary thing. It's not. It's been my 'monthly thing' for about 3 years now. :-P

The narcolepsy is kicking in as I sit here. I close my eyes and all sorts of images and vignettes flash past me, distorting my sense of what's real and where and even WHEN I am.

The future of these flash-dreams is hard to recall- it has only partial concreteness- but it has buried seeds inside that come back in six to ten months to jar me with deja-vu.

It's now safe to turn off my computer.

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