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Postponed again

Penny was up to going to get her biopsy done today, but the transport cab didn't get here by the required time, so we're re-scheduling.

This is just as well. She's stronger, yes, but not quite yet enough stronger to get through this process without some serious effort.
The re-schedule doesn't look like it will be this week. Probably next week, at earliest. We'll see. Very very frustrating. The scheduler is trying to find out information when everyone's gone.

In some ways this is for the best, as she's getting stronger and will be able to do more. Her legs are a LOT stronger today than yesterday, and were much stronger yesterday than the day before. I think we'll stop with the muscle relaxants as much as possible, because they make her too weak to move, but it's up to her for if she's in pain or not. She'll be using some light free-weights for her arms too.

Edit: Rescheduled for Thursday morning at 9:30, and we just ate our celebratory boxing day KFC/A&W. She was able to drink about a half-cup of A&W float, about a quarter-cup of coleslaw and a quarter-cup of mashed potato and gravy, and a few bites of chicken. Then she got that familiar 'almost too full' feeling. If anyone thinks that asinine operation where they staple your stomach is a good idea? Well, she's basically been dealing with that very thing for the last 6 weeks, and it is NOT a good idea, ever.

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