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Epiphany will be held in the short-stay center.

rubyloot will be going into hospital tomorrow - they need to assess why her blood pressure has been so low, and whether she's really bleeding in the gastric passage somewhere. If, as suspected, her anemia is to a very bad level, they will add some blood back in, and if really necessary (we hope not) they will drive a truck into her backside to find out if she has a lesion that needs closing.

My hope is that the bleeding isn't bleeding so much as the same stuff she's had on and off since her botched cholecystectomy.

We'll see though. In any case, the doctor will also arrange for a visiting nurse to do some home-care stuff and possibly stave off any stuff I don't know to look for. This will be a very good thing.

And someday I'll be able to pay it all off. But at this point I don't give a damn, because, frankly, she needs to be treated, and I am not willing to just throw her away. She had a nightmare about that - for some reason she thought I would just throw her away because she was broken and doesn't work right any more. I had to remind her that I never throw anything away, which is why our place is something of a shambles.

Edit: Change of schedule.

Outpatient services at St' Vincent's don't have the availability to do a transfusion today, if she will need one.
They will, instead, admit her overnight for observation sometime between 5 and 6. This will allow them to do the necessary blood work up front, and determine whether she will get it on Saturday. If not, they'll release her in the morning.

This is SO much fun. Really it is.

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