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Update on RubyLoot

This is a cut-and-paste of the post I made to our doll-club community:

She's in St. Vincent's (intended to be an overnight)... She went in last night after a comedy of stupidity including a cab company that doesn't have wheelchair vans which sent a man who was too old and frail to help move Penny into her chair, an ambulance (and the same hunky firefighters who helped her when she fell after her first biopsy attempt).

She was severely dehydrated, and once rehydrated, was anemic, so they gave her some red cells to replace what's missing; as of 9AM the doctor had not yet looked at her, with an eye to figuring out what's going on.

They believe she's got some kind of bleeding, either in her stomach or intestines somewhere. Whether that's the case or it's something else should be determined by this afternoon, and we should be taking her home today, unless they cannot complete the tests.

She was feeling much stronger this morning, but also wasn't feeling much appetite, and she has been told she MUST eat (though she's on a liquids diet for now.)

I'm about to call again and find out what's up; I'll keep you updated.

Edit: More info... No info yet.

I called at 11:30 and the doctor was still at another hospital. Once he gets to St. V's, there's likely to be a couple hours of tests, and she may end up staying another day. She was asleep when I called, so no news yet. I'm going to head over there soon to check on how she's doing and to take her wheelchair over.

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