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No Hospice yet.

Having decided we wanted to do Hospice, when we talked to them today, the lady said, "You don't seem to be ready for Hospice yet."

Well... yeah. They are NOT about any measures that prolong life. If we want to, say, continue treating the esophogeal blistering and bleeding, we can do that, but if it continued to cause dehydration and anemia, they would not do anything to help. And that, GRD, is not cancer, and it would be monstrous stupid in Penny and my joint opinion for her to die from that. Dying from the cancer, we are willing to deal with if we have to.
Dying from acid reflux? No.

So ... we're doing Home Health instead. They will send a PT and OT to help her try to regain more strength.
The GI doctor was very very suprised at how well she rallied, and while she IS very weak, she is able to move her legs by herself (with effort) and that was impossible for her on Friday... or Saturday.

We have asked for her to get limited chemo or hormonal blocker treatment to slow or stop the cancer growth, so she has a chance to think about recovering. We know that this won't cure the cancer; there is too much of it, and her liver is unhappy, and there's just general nastiness, but ... if she can get stronger, then they can do more aggressive things.

And it's not worth it to NOT take that chance. We've agreed that we want to try, at least. Because, frankly, it will require a miracle, but miracles don't often happen if you don't actually take the first step to let them happen. We're not the guy on the roof in the flood who rejects two boats and a helicopter because God will save him, then when he drowns, God says "why didn't you go with the people I sent to rescue you?"

I really really need to do three things tomorrow:

1) sign up for food stamps.
2) deposit my UI check (and get them working on auto-deposit)
3) find out if the Leslie Benefits stuff includes any kind of a catastrophic hospital stay coverage, because I don't remember the gory details.

In other news... One of the many headhunters who called me thanks to my putting my resume' on Dice Sunday AM, does not deal with Intel contracts. Therefore, I will be meeting with him Thursday at 2:30. Home Health Care will be meeting us on Thursday as well, and I need to make sure that it won't be a conflict.

And my shoulder and back are a bit sore from some of the moving-people-around stuff.

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