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My friend Brian Kurle (co-worker at NEC and more recently Intel, while my contract there was still active) has been marvelously empathetic and sympathetic about Penny's death and how I'm dealing.

I thought about that tonight after watching "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"...
Incidentally, this is a beautiful movie, and Brian, if you read this, you SHOULD see it.

Because of the song at the restaurant today, I thought I might lose it at the scene at the Stone Table. I didn't... because I knew what was coming next. Death, sacrifice, all are redeemed and transformed.

All through the movie I was wishing Penny was there with me, and after a bit, I could hear her saying, "You dummy, I'm already THERE."

So while I'm sort of teary-eyed, I'm almost stupidly happy at the moment.
This is the difference for those who know Christ - we know that we die, we know that we live, that God is the God of the living, and all who live in Christ live in Him forever.

A dear friend told me that she dreamed that Penny was released from jail, that she had been in prison for years, shackled and tormented.
And she was set free.

She is free.

Thank you, Lord, for your infinite mercy, for freedom from all sorrow and pain and death. Thank you for the turning of the seasons and the beginnings and the endings.

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