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Very tired.

I got home around 10pm... played a bit of City of Heroes before the 'falling asleep' thing got to me.

When I got to the bedroom, Faux Paw was sitting next to my side of the bed, so I tried to give her the pill (and promised her I would get the heart meds!) but she wouldn't take it, and as I snuggled her she started panting for breath again, and she felt really cold.

So I took her in to Dove Lewis Emergency Pet Hospital in Portland. It was about 3AM. I had a hard time finding the place, as usual. Must remember, "Pettygrove", "Pet E Grove" ... and 20th street.

She had about 80ml of fluid built up again, and was dehydrated, and very cold - only 97 degrees (Penny's usual body temperature) and cats are supposed to be around 103.

They put her in a special warming bed, feeding her intravenous fluids (and food) and I left, planning to return by 8am to take her to our local vet. It was about 4:45 and by the time I got to the Tanasbourne shopping center, I was hungry and Safeway was closed, so I went to Shari's Restaurant and got a breakfast thing. For no reason, around 5:40, I called my home phone to retrieve messages.

She'd had a cardiac arrest five minutes earlier, and they had done stuff to keep her going, so I paid and tore back into town, getting there after about 20 minutes. She had stopped breathing on her own, but her heart was beating. I could barely 'feel' her in there ... she was very tired, and the doctor said she would not survive being taken off the breathing. I asked them to give her something to ease her passing.

So, around 6:30, Penny's personal best cat went across the Rainbow Bridge to join her.

They told me what was wrong. The fluid around her lungs was full of cancer cells. Our poor kitty had cancer too.

I am very tired of my family dying, and I really hate cancer.

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