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This week, the 29th of January thru the 4th of February.

Sunday, Monday: Not much.
Tuesday: Went to bank, sent insurance forms, went to store. Got vegetables and some meat-on-sale. Roger Tait came over with dinner prep, which was german-style pork chops with sauerkraut and some mixed veggies with beans. Idea was, I stir fry the veggies and put the chops in to heat through with their pickled cabbage coating. I do not love sauerkraut but I no longer react to it with the vehemence I used to as a child, and I've been known to actually eat the stuff on special occasions. So, sliced the chops into thinnish longish bits, saved the kraut on the side, sliced half an onion, stir fried some garlic and fresh ginger then added the onion then added the veggies, stir fried them briefly then added a half cup of mushroom broth and the sauerkraut and let it steam under cover for 4 minutes to cook the still-frozen-inside broccoli, added soy, sriracha, and balsamic vinegar along with a bit more mushroom broth and a tablespoon of orange marmalade, stirred through then added some non-starch thickener. Also cooked a spaghetti squash but I got the timing wrong and it wasn't ready yet, so we ate the sweet and sour spicy pork then the squash after. Roger came over because there are some household chores I just don't do if I don't have someone around to talk to, and the cats don't engage in conversation beyond "Feed me? Pettinz? Can I beat up the other cat?"
Wednesday: Doll club meeting tonight. I intend to go. [edit] Went. It was very nice seeing those people. Penny was greatly missed, and people were very nice, and the lady who called Monday morning to ask about bringing her dolls to be evaluated, did indeed show up.
Thursday: Going to visit Mom in Dallas Oregon
Friday: Nothing planned.
Saturday: Probably meeting with a friend from church. My Stephen Minister is in England right now - his mother in law died the week after Penny died, so John's my back-up.

Will edit this entry to track the week as it happens.

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