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Autopsy results for Penny (part 2)

I got the paper copy of the autopsy yesterday, which goes into a lot of details. So, I'm not going to transcribe them here.

But, basically, the cancer was definitely involved in the esophogeal damage that was causing her internal bleeding into her stomach, that caused the dehydration and anemia. It had threaded itself around her aorta. It had replaced one of the three lobes of her liver. Her bladder was scarred - possibly a side-effect of the hysterectomy, possibly from her occasional infections.
The cancer had also wrapped itself around the pericardium, that fluid-sac that protects the heart, but it hadn't invaded yet. It had begun to invade her diaphragm and there were many small tumors in her lungs. It had begun to invade her kidneys.

She had mild artheriosclerosis, something we had been dealing with.

The most startling thing, though, was the amount of necrosis. There was a lot. The larger tumors were dying inside. Apparently too fast. If they had been dying slowly, her immune system could have gotten aggressive and gone after the tumors, but too-fast necrosis suppresses the immune response, and being diabetic, that was already a problem for her. She had two big tumors and numerous smaller but still big ones, and each of them had advanced necrosis.

Yesterday was four weeks.

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