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Jobsnearch and misc

Been a while since an entry here.

I did not get the first job at Tektronix (thru Oxford Group) and it wasn't clear to the recruiter just what they really wanted, since I met or exceeded every requirement the guy had given them. Might be a bad interviewer, might have been a bad day. The interview seemed to go OK but he would ask questions that were open ended then get impatient if I either asked for clarifications or just went ahead and talked to the general question. Things like "What did you do for NEC?" ... I was there for two years, I did a LOT of things, and the summary is on my resume in front of him, so not sure what he really wanted to know.

Once I got the 'no go' call Friday, I sent a note to Al at AZAD that he could go ahead and pursue the spot he wanted me for... and then a half hour later, got a call from Nick at Adecco, who wants to place me at (ta da) Tektronix! And when I explained that I'd already talked to ____ he knew who I was talking about and said they had a number of OTHER positions as well. Hmm. So, Tek is hiring software testers in large economy size sets? Weird.

Anyway. Played CoV for a change. Made a character for the latest LJ nuts group, "Servants of Satin", on Pinnacle. Mine is "Fur is Murder" - several people liked the character (a Huge feline with tiger stripes, Fire domination powers, and a nifty bio I will relate on the CoV group sometime later.) One guy didn't 'get' it and insisted on saying that fur is just hair... missing the point entirely.

Somehow, even though I decided to go to sleep at 12:15, I'm still awake, so I think I'll watch 'Sky High' on the laptop and then go to sleep after that.


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Feb. 20th, 2006 04:47 pm (UTC)
I need to pop back onto CoV/H
I was just telling chronovius that I want us to get a license plate holder that says, "I'd rather be in Azeroth" and a bumper sticker that reads, "Take me down to Paragon City"

I think I might wander over to Pinnacle this week...

Feb. 21st, 2006 12:58 am (UTC)
So does this mean they hired you?
Feb. 21st, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
No, it means that AZAD has not yet called me - I think they have today off - and that I am waiting to hear from Al to get a go/no go. I have a contact for other positions inside Tektronix, but I'm giving the AZAD guy the courtesy of holding off a day or so before I give the Adecco people the go-ahead.
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