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OK... Power Rangers Mystic Force...

I have never, NEVER seen such a fey show (and that's not intended in a good way) ... Space Patrol Delta was amusing, and had anthromorphic dogs and cats, and the Green Ranger, and mutant powers that came and went without explanation. The acting was campy but it was clear that the actors were having fun most of the time. They didn't have as many pretty boys as in the previous series, but the girls were generally hot.
Even the blonde bimbette was deliberately using the stereotype and could turn it off.

This thing, though. The signature moves for the women are much more masculine than those for the men. The acting seems like they are trying to take it seriously. The magic-wands into cellphones. The stoner guy. The cloaks (PotterRip!) and the even more swishy, swoopy poses and posturing! They're worse than the Dragon Ball Z parodies of the swishy swoopy poses in previous Sentai shows.

Lock up your kids. Hide the remotes.

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