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Seven weeks.

Got home from signing the job papers at 4:30... came into the house, saw the cats on the bed, broke into nightmarish images, and fled the house.

Got back at 5:40 and howled into a pillow for a few minutes, then watched Judge Judy at 6.

Really need to do a lot of stuff tomorrow. Going to hate getting up at 7am again. That always broke my brain, although the guys at the interview were fine with me working a different schedule to get better access to hardware. Gonna have to get focused again.

Howling ... we used to do that in the house, one of us wanting to know where the other one was.

"HOWL?" from downstairs, or upstairs...

"Howl!" from below, or from the other room...

"Howl!" as whichever of us came into the room.

When I got home on the 12th of January, I said "Howl?" in the kitchen as I was putting stuff onto the cupboard.

There wasn't an answer. That was how I knew.

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