Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Odd day at work

I am gradually getting accustomed to waking at 0630 hours, even tho my actual get-up time is 0700 or even 0730. The trouble is, even with Provigil, the zombie-brain hits hard at certain times. I may be forced to start doing scheduled naps again.

The ClearQuest orientation was largely a waste of time, as the instructor noted I could have taught the class faster than he did and made it more interesting.

MacAfee released a bad patterns file today and it "fixed" a bunch of laptops all over Tek by segregating a large number of non-viral files. This caused a 1+ hr interrupt in work as the networks were proactively shut, then a bunch of server systems examined and repaired. I suppose this could be likened to a 'computer allergy'.

Snow is gone from the valley floor but not the hills, and the promised below-freezing temps appear to be putting the kibosh on a thank-you dinner for Brad&Linda. May be able to make it happen earlier in the day tomorrow, perhaps.

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