Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

About the weekend

Friday night I was at work later than I really wanted to be. watched the glass teat and played City Of. Caught the newest Doctor Who on skiffy channel, wished Penny could be watching with me so we could geek out together and mock the plot holes, of which there were more than several. But it was a fun watch, even though I missed the first half hour. Stayed up way too late for no reason.

Saturday I woke up too early, so I watched toons and did laundry and signed the 6 month extension on my lease (20 a month increase, feh!) and took a nap at 3 that was supposed to only be a half hour, but took 2. Woke up because I was dreaming that it was the usual Saturday afternoon nap/lie-in and I was lying snuggled against Penny talking about household things, friends, people at church, and we started talking about the cancer treatment and how long she had and I realised she had died, opened my eyes and it was back to the empty bed. Now I know how Orpheus felt.

Anyway, I stayed there a bit to hold on to the dream a bit longer, then it was time to go over to feed Connie, and sometime during that, I found that foxeris had called so on the way home I called back, got directions, stopped to pick up the laptop, then met him at the Embassy Suites on Jantzen Beach.

The rooms there are very nice, with wi-fi everywhere. I showed him CoH/CoV and he now wants to try it, muahahaha.

Went to the Cascade Grill at the Jubitz Truck Stop, which was rated among the top 10 in the world. Horst Mager did the original specs and setup for this restaurant back when a large but somewhat grungy truck stop was being turned into a very decent travel center.
The food was good but not eye-popping.

Afterwards we went back and jus talked about writing, companies, gossip about the way things really happen as opposed to the public relations and documentary spins, and generally geeked out until 1am.

I managed to get to sleep by 2:30.

Sunday was too early. I had missed the email that I was NOT on for healing team, so dragged my sorry self over to church and found out, was too tired and a bit bummed so stayed in the narthex reading email and half-listening to the music and sermon. When I went in for the communion, I was reminded of the dream and went back outside afterwards. I did show the Prius to some friends at church.

Afterwards, drove to Dallas OR to visit my mom. She likes the color and the mileage.
Grandma was asleep for much of the time I was there, and mom was chain-smoking, which gave me a headache, so I went outside to read.
Bear-the-dog was as demanding of attention as my cats and has a wetter tongue.
I talked quite a bit with mom, though.
Grandma was awake enough to eat some pancakes and she seemed to recognize me a bit afterwards; Mom got her up and dressed and out of bed for a few hours, once Mitch got home from work, and she was actually quite verbal for a while.
Dinner was hamburger enchiladas with green salsa. They were delicious, and I didn't tell mom that they were sitting in my stomich churning out reflux by the gallon.

After sixish, I took a ritalin from my emergency driving stash because I could feel the impending narcoleptic crash. I kissed mom and grandma goodbye - and Grandma was there for a moment, the confusion behind her eyes was gone, and she gave me a real hug.

I went home the back way via McMinneville and Forest Grove. I detoured in McMinneville to see the Oregon Hotel where Penny and I stayed for our anniversary in 2003, and then headed home so the pill wouldn't wear off and leave me sleepy on the road, which it almost did. Stopped on the way to get cat litter but Albrrtsons did't have the wheat-based stuff I use, but they did have a copy of the Ultimate avengers dvd, which I watched when I woke up at 1am after only 15 minutes sleep. (Yeah, I played CoH and watched the first half of the Dr. Who that I missed.

So. At work. Tired. Intermittent leaky attacks, but I have gotten my first test designed.

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