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Narcolepsy sucks.

Every year around spring and fall, I have a bit more trouble with narcolepsy, though I have no idea whether this comes from changes in light levels or coincidental stress from work and/or life.

Yesterday I woke at 8:30 am and has a bit of stomach fluish stuff... Head stuffed with goo, too much time on toilet. Called work to notify of my lateness, got Michael to help me pick up the ridiculously expensive massage chair, then went to work for about 6 hours.
Got home after shopping too long, fed and watered cats, ate lunch (yes, late), took chair out of box leaving far too much cardboard crap to recycle. Then, started dinner, played tiny bit of CoX, tried out chair, inserted pad to reduce hardness of massage, ate dinner @10:45, thus guaranteeing sleep would be uncomfy at best. Went to bed at 1am. Finally managed to sleep more than 10 minutes at 3:30am, woke at 8:30 but not enough to actually think, realize why I was awake, and function, so woke for real at 10am and remembered meeting starting then.

Fortunately everyone was late so I was only 10min late, but now I have to be here until 7pm.
Also, must fill gas tank again. 400 miles on 9.5 gallons of gasoline.


Got 9.5 gallons of gas, trip odometer read 412.

Tried out massage chair to deal with sore back after work, and behold, with the pad to 'soften' things it was better. Clint jumped onto my chest as it was running and writhed all over me, the brat. It probably looked hilarious.

Played CoV to make a character for jareth_gk's ninja clan ... I was astonished to find that Ninja Burger had not been taken as a name.

Got Law Shocker to L20, got pasted to the sidewalk by the usual swarm of 5 +2 minions, 2 lieutenants and 2 bosses, because I talked to that irritating frenchman at Icon. However, by beating down correspondingly weaker Tsoo on the way back, I was ready for the new costume, and made a rather nice one. I did not bother with a cape. Edna Boyle is right.

And even though I fell asleep once at the computer I am again awake at 3:15 am... I Hate Narcolepsy.

edit: fixed a name. I am an idjit.

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