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Where are the bots? There ought to be bots.

Terrible movie on AMC ... The 300 Spartans ... which was earnestly, eagerly made to accurately portray Herodotus' "The Histories" account of the famous incident where 300 Spartans stopped Xerxes at Thermopylae, allowing the rest of the Grecian city-states time to act against him.

It makes me scream in the first minute. Before the credits. The narrator says that these brave men fought for freedom for themselves and for US.

Because, yes, I see Xerxes men even now trying to take over the world.

And the Spartans? Not precisely the model of 'freedom-loving' people. Their society was built on the invasion, conquest, and utter subjugation and enslavement by one group (Dorians) of another group of Greeks (Achaeans), who were then made 'helots', land-slaves subject to continual ongoing terror attacks by the Spartan youth-in-training, killed if they even looked like they might consider protesting, and generally treated in a less-than-free way. There's a couple of fair but shallow articles about the place on Wikipedia.

Nor did the Spartans have a queen, as shown in the movie. They had two kings.

But its the music and the dialogue that make me yell at this thing.

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