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Had dinner with the Smith-Smiths, tonight... got there a bit late, a bit after 7pm, because I was trying to get some necessary work docs to upload onto my USB drive.

Dinner was delicious, but precisely the stuff I have to rember that I can't eat lots of - rice, and general tso's chicken, that is, cube-size pieces of white-meat chicken, breaded with a semi-tempura breading, fried, then re-fried in a stir-fry with a sauce containing lots of sugar and lots of red chili powder. Also a (fried) egg roll and stir-fried beans with garlic.

The trouble is, the combination of that much starch and that much chili and fried-ness, all at the same time, sets my stomach to generating about three times the acid I can handle. So, after dinner and a while into the board game we were playing, I found myself dealing with some serious reflux. Urf.

So I'm up until the ranitidine and the mylanta work.

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