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oooooh, I'm an idiot, and I'm OK...

Making cheesecake for post-Great Vigil celebration.

Recipe for 'chocolate upside down cheesecake' from Grand Ol Opry. Easy, right?
You make the chocolate cheesecake batter the usual way, cook it 15 minutes at 400, 15 minutes at 350, then spoon the uncooked brownie that you mix up while waiting, onto the top of the partially done cheesecake, and then you bake it another 35-40 minutes, checking for done the usual way.

Except when you skip a step. Do you know, 15 minutes at 400 won't firm up the cheesecake, and it'll still be liquid in the middle, and when you wonder why they have you put it in so early, start to put it into the oven and see that it's still on 400, you can feel REALLY stupid?

Well, you can. At least cheesecake is fairly forgiving; I removed as much of the brownie as I could, and will put it back in 15-20 minutes after things are more stable. Sheesh.

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