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14 weeks

It is now 14 weeks since I found Penny had used her Get Out of Life Free card.

I have a disgusting cold, not overwhelming physically, but nagging at the sinuses and back of my throat, and very green and snotty.
Because I was sick and didn't go to work yesterday, I got to spend from noon to nine at work today, probably a bit too long.
I took a moment at 4:00 to say a quick prayer, then continued trying to catch up with work, and having a few momentary blackouts, not so much from lack of sufficient sleep, but from the way my body reacts to having cold drugs in it.

Yesterday I paid off another stealth bill - the gastroenterology clinic had somehow missed out sending me the first one, and I got the March and April bills at the same time, a week after I got the 'you are overdue' notice, but they gave me the uninsured discount anyway, so it was $588 instead of $840. The taxes went in Monday night, or rather, the extension, since I didn't get the Kaiser info until today. And that one was a bit of a shock. We spent $1586 for various of her meds, a bit more than I'd estimated. I also got my offer for benefits from Adecco, and they're better than what Kelly offered. No idea whether they will continue to be available to me after the job ends. I certainly hope so, and I'm not going to terminate my Kelly benefit plan except for the semi-useless prescription plan.

Guiafenesin, my drug-of-choice for keeping my lungs from clogging up, also leaves me completely dizzy and disoriented, and ibuprofin makes me wakeful for a short time, then very sleepy. Which I am now. Except of course, the narcolepsy has me all running on hyper, because it's nighttime and the brain is stupid that way.

This week, after the harsh mourning and vivid flashbacks of Easter, I'm pretty calm. This means I should probably see what I can do about making the scanner work right, so I can read in some of the letters that Barb sent me. If they do indeed translate, I'll put some of them up on rubyloot, but not everything, since some of it's private.
Anyway. I'm about to crash for the night. Brain should be flat but isn't. Also, thirsty.

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