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Weekend update

Didn't game - GM canceled, health issues going to prevent the game.
Just as well, I was in the 'stinking' part of a stinking cold.
Played COH and did some laundry.

After a while, went to Costco and fetched meds, then went to work for an hour to make up some for missing Wednesday.
Nothing I could really diagnose, decided to go home because, well, sick and braindead.

Sunday, church... nope. Sick. Was called all morning, finally did *69 and it was an elderly oriental woman (and not one I know) and she didn't understand that she, or someone at her number, had called me.

Anyway. Played more COH, slept a bit, played some more, slept, made food, talked to Nancy on the phone about upcoming Ren Fest at Pacific (some upcoming weekend soon, need to make sure it doesn't conflict with retreat for Stephen Ministry, then on phone with Mom while fixing dinner (very bad for me, deep-fried some hot dogs, but that didn't make them any fattier than they started :)
Grandma now has Hospice - she's been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive, which is the end-of life diagnosis for Alzheimer's patients. They will be taking some of the hard work off Mom, so she won't have to hurt herself so much. I hope Sally and George get out here soon.

Anyway. At work today, 9am. Off work tonight, 8:30pm. Lunch 30 minutes. Yish. Long day.
Then went to the store and got a lot of food and drinks and stuff, and some miscellaneous supplies, and even with the Club Card, spent almost $200. Yeesh.
It does, however, mean I have supplies for bread machine and for dinners for the next week or so, and maybe even breakfast without stopping at Taco Bell or McDonalds, which will be a VERY nice change.

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