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My grandmother stopped eating sometime about a week ago. She ate a bit yesterday, but she's refusing solid food, and only wants to take a little bit. Mom is, naturally, not doing well with this, but she does get help twice a week as the Hospice caretaker comes by and bathes and checks up on Grandma. She was assessed and, well, it'll probably be a week or two at most.

When she goes, they won't have a funeral; Grandma didn't want any kind of formal thing, just to have her ashes spread in the same area my Uncle Bob (her youngest son, second-youngest child) was scattered when he died in 1997.

I'm not sure what's going to happen to Mom and Mitch once this happens. Mom... has been only taking care of her mother for the last five years, and had to retire for financial reasons. She might go back to work, but might not.
I know Grandma's not going to leave them a huge inheritance; there isn't one. And, Grandma was basically paying the mortgage on that house they're in.

I got dragged (though willingly) into helping revise the way our church does things - we have a plethora of different membership lists, databases, accounting packages - and we're planning to standardize. One of the members is going to buy the software, but we have to get an idea of how it works, how it will work with what we do, what we do now, how we'll need to change it, and what we'll need to do in order to make it as completely simple and automatic as possible. I'll be coordinating the project - making sure people meet, that we discuss the relevant stuff, and that we are in agreement. But not selling anyone on anything. And the language of meetings and buy-in that I use is alien and disturbing to some of the people in the group, and I didn't even know it was jargon.

I _did_ end up promising to donate a computer to this project, if needed, and I think they might take me up on it.
Well, I _have_ been planning to build a new PC, maybe I'll do a practice, server version, and see what happens.

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