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S'been a while since I did one of these.

Just got the referral info on Penny's second oncologist. So on Monday we can call and schedule the meeting.

Monday I have an interview (yay!) at Azad, they've got a company that's doing a new tool or database for UNIX that needs to be tested; they're apparently concerned that they need to have someone who has a lot of experience with testing such things.
Mind you I've got 21 years experience testing on UNIX.

Pardon me while I kill my Live365 station. Carpenters are just too damn pop-sugary.

Anyway. Tuesday of NEXT week, I have a meeting with one of the people at Norm Thompson. This is a job I don't really want to have forever but I could handle it for a while... Peak Season Customer Assistance. Phone answering, to help the customers.
On the radio yesterday, a guy who had worked at Yahoo and wrote a tell-all book was talking about Customer Service there. The job of Customer Service is not to service the customer, he says. It's to pacify, sedate, soothe, and get rid of their complaint. Service is an occasional and accidental by-product of this.
That's not true at Norm Thompson, I can tell you from my own experiences there.
They want to soothe the customer, but by addressing their concern and fixing it.
Even if it costs them money. Because, they have a surprising idea there. Customers who are happy will come back and spend more money.
They're right, too.

So I have a back-up, fall-back situation if this programming job doesn't come through.
It pays very slightly more than unemployment, but it also extends and qualifies me for additional stuff, and since it's seasonal doesn't disqualify me for anything.
But I want the contract spot. Six months to up to two years.

Somehow iceraver talked me into starting another character, this time on Legacy of Heroes mux. I'm a bit hesitant; the theme wiz there (Glory) is someone who's gone over the top at me on other muxen, but she's a good (not great, but good) RP'er when she's not letting the OOC stuff get in her way.

And Gordon isn't back yet. Gordon, where the heck are you?

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