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collected video music

So many different quotes of music that I had to jam them together into one post.

They just complement one another so well, y'see.

First, from maus_merryjest - a video which I believe he enjoyed more with the sound off. Yes, Miss Enya has become the musical equivalent of the quaint orphans and puppies with the really huge eyes, a sort of velvet-enya to match the velvet-elvis in terms of originality. Still, her songs are pretty, and they don't challenge her or her listeners in any way, and that fits this video, which is just pretty, dammit.


Equally artistic, from normanrafferty, a BucketHead song - heavy metal - to animations of Hieronymous Bosch. This is not pretty, but it's gorgeous, and fortunately it has no words.


This, ganked from snobahr, does have words, fortunately in German, because if they were in English, it would be so inutterably geeky that my brain would melt in abashment at the memories which it brings up:


And finally, because gothfather has impeccable taste (and wants to eat your brains, and has a recipe with which to prepare them) there is this gem.



Jun. 29th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
I agree that she does the soothing, but I've become sensitized to certain musical and vocal tricks she uses. I don't have any one thing I use to take away the pain of a horrible work day - but my job is much less horrible than yours has been. When it's been bad for other reasons, I turn on the 'soundscapes' channel on Comcast. Enya rotates in and out with other 'new-ageish' performers. Penny liked it as an alternative to quiet when she was feeling sick. Some things they used to have in rotation were really nice, in fact, and I wish they'd still play them, so I could order albums.
She didn't like light classical or regular classical for this purpose, though for me having nearly any music playing would sufficiently change the tone of sleep that it would prevent nightmares and reduce sleep paralysis and other side effects of my narcolepsy. The classical music would engage her brain, keeping her awake, while the simpler, prettier stuff would let her relax and feel safer.

I just wish Enya would, I dunno, come up with something nice that isn't a reprise of her existing body of work.


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