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week 24

About a 1 or 2 on the emotional pain index, and very blah about everything.

Nothing really new today. I went to see Superman Returns, and during the movie, a couple of times, found that my eyes were leaking quietly, as some memory of our first time with the first movie would slice across my awareness.
At the same time, even though it was a stabby, cutty sort of feeling, I also remembered the simple pleasure of going out to a film with her.

So, 24 weeks later. It's very close to six months - another two weeks.
She always claimed I'd be over her in six months, but I'm not. Hah! You weren't always right, Long.

I have a pretty frantic day lined up tomorrow, and I need to get to work bloody early for a change if I plan to accomplish them. I have to prepare and pack clothes. I might find myself just buying some new tee shirts and shorts, since most of my shorts don't fit well, and Redding is going to be stinking-hot again by the time I get there.

I'll need to go to the Roths and get the painting of the chinese dancers out of their storage building. They expect me in the afternoon or evening. There may be one or two other things there that I'll want. I am hoping that nothing has gotten damaged, but if so, it's only things.
Jac wants the charm-bracelet, and I want to take a violin to Jamie and I don't know what Pat wants, if anything. I don't have that much room in the relatively-tiny Prius. I love my mileage but it is really not big.
Also, I'm pretty sure I want to give the Unicorn sculpture that Penny had made years ago, to Samantha, but I'll ask her to tell me tonight and if I know by morning, then I'll do it.

Casey still hasn't come to get his computer, so I don't have room yet to set up some stuff. I should just move things around a bit, and set things up a little smarter, and use the couch for now, get a decent suspension arm for the LCD display. I need to replace the PC case, as the power supply is crotchety and I may want to upgrade my video card, and use the current one in the 'media PC' that my hubris is convincing me to make. At some point, first, I replace the television with something more robust.

Yeah, I'm talking around it. I'm really lonely lately, but I can't do anything about it. Friends are excessively busy, my work and sleep schedule are f*ed so that I'm not really able to socialize. I'm a month overdue for a haircut and I look sloppy. Maybe tomorrow? Well, is scheduled. We'll see how it turns out. Going to the place Penny made me start at a few years back.

Howl. Miss you, love.

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