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More MUX ranting.

I am PEEVED at Joe.

Joe played Falcon (yes, Le. Played in past tense) on MXT. He sprung the 'retiring Falcon' on us tonight. I suppose if I'd stopped to think about it I could have realised that it wasn't due to a short-term absence (he's returning to grad school) ... but I was busy doing the final scene with his OTHER character, a planned end-of-character, and then found the message in Seth's mail.

Fooie. A little consideration, a little warning maybe that this was going to happen?
Because it wrecks the social dynamic that we had going on the mux. Falcon was the crossover point between teams.

Enh. If it falls apart, fine. In a month, I'm reviewing my own participation in the New Mutants (as OOC leader I'm feeling they're going nowhere) and in New Warriors (since I find it increasingly unrealistic for me to be there.)

I'm probably closing out Vixent on MU as well, at that time. I detest the TP's that have been running there, so haven't participated. I don't see any improvement in the way things are done there, plot-wise, but then part of that may be due to my lack of participation. Catch-22.
Roberto and Vance are never around, so no basis there. Only problem is with Kylin, my adopted kid. What will he do? Well, not a lot, as far as I know.

Anyway. XMA is getting interesting again.

And Gordon isn't around yet. Dammit.

Oh yeah. I ranted on the EZBoard again. That's part of what got Joe all weird tonight. He was the emitter in question.

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