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Week 29

Hm. Emotional pain scale, things have risen to a sense of 'empty socket life' that I rate at about 3 on the 1-10 scale. Flashbacks are more frequent, but not more intense. Sleep schedule still disrupted, but I'm taking advantage. Will get uglier next week - I need to start being here by 7AM, though there's no good reason why I cannot take a 2-3 hour lunch every day.

Looks like the contract job ends on the end of August, not September as we had originally speculated. IF something comes up between now and then, things will be OK. I have enough money to weather a few months of no-pay without too much stressing out, and I can use a break to visit my dad whom I haven't seen in nearly 20 years.

They're removing the ground cover out the patio and so far have replaced it with fug-ugly rocks, the kind that you see underlying the highways only smoother. I have no idea what will go there instead. Concrete? Luuuvly :P
Penny would have hated this. A lot.

My friend spider0 is coming out next week, ahead of time for the parental 50th wedding annimalversatory.
I'm a bit envious - I didn't quite manage half that.

I spent the weekend helping friends move house, and doing laundry. We decided that we need to form a similar thing to Panhandlers, only once or twice a month we go to the home of one friend on the list and help do the really hard cleaning. I have a lot of really nifty friends.

Anyway ... no more moping. Back to work.

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