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Movie Night

Decided that Thursdays I would do something specifically other than CoH/CoV that I would want to do with Penny.
Went to the Sushi place near work, and managed to minimize the rice by getting a tempura appetizer, getting some regular plates sashimi-style, and having the things that had less rice, or just didn't eat most of the rice. Still a bit too much carb because of the very delicious crispy tempura batter.

Then went to see a movie. Had thought to go see Superman Returns again, but it was 7pm and my choices from what I wanted to see were "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" and "Pirates of the Caribbean II" ... and didn't want to see pirates (gotta re-watch first movie first) so went to Super-Ex.

Three previews of note. All have websites, of course.
Pathfinder. Had me giggling. The armor. And the ak-ting. And they doubtless showed us ALL the good scenes. I expect it to spawn a television series that will run on Fox or Spike after 10pm on weeknights.

Stranger Than Fiction. An author writing a murder thriller is stuck, can't figure out how to kill the 'victim', Harold Crick, and starts a narration. The man she's writing about hears her narrating (terrifyingly accurately), and begins to freak out, and after a while sees her on television and recognizes the voice. Now all that's left is to try to get her to NOT kill him.

Step Up (which is on Myspace because it's got hip-hop dancing by a white boy.)
Not a bad preview, but it's a story we've seen many times before. Engaging leads, and it didn't show all the good parts. Has considerable promise, if they don't descend into mawkishness or go unbelievable.

Oh... My Super Ex-Girlfriend? Luke Wilson (trying very hard to look like Nicholas Cage) is a thoroughly New York Male Yupzoid with a Bad Friend. The Bad Friend looked like Charles Nelson-Reilly's illegitimate son from before he stopped trying to pretend not to be gay, and if he was acting, he's very good at portraying a total djurk. Uma Thurman is too old to pass for a high school girl in a flashback. Eddie Izzard had a GREAT dialect coach, and he's very funny, but he was a pin-compatible swappable replacement for a younger Tim Curry (say from the late 80s) in the same role.
Altogether, it was enjoyable enough, and Penny would've found it amusing in cheap-time.

It would be interesting to see that same movie made with more-dimensional characters. Even 2 would have been good.

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