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02.8.6 6.32 pm
Haircut today.
I resent how much it costs because I have gotten old enough to be a cheap bastard, like one of those old guys who talk about how cheap things used to be and how much better everything was, just before going on about how hard they had things as kids (illogically, since they just said that things were cheaper and better).

Oh well. Part of this is the fact that unlike iceraver and acy I have not dyed my hair colors not found in the naturally available pelage of the human race.
I want to, but I also know that I need to keep a job, and that it would perturb people who expect me to be a staid and quiet usher. Not a problem if I weren't also the usher coordinator.

Still, for $25 and a tip, I'd expect to get something more exciting than my current style.

Yeah, I'll post before and after pix later.