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This is NOT a RAID.

So, while I was in the process of putting together the wonderous and marvelous replacement PC for my own PC which I was going to donate...

I got the wrong motherboard. ASUS P5B works with the Intel Dual Core (755) but it's actually the P5BD (deluxe) that has the Southbridge chip that actually supports the almost-hardware RAID.

I looked at cheap RAID cards. They're all PCI cards that provide SATA connection. This mobo has _five_ SATA ports already, and doesn't NEED to have a PCI card.
Nobody sells a RAID card that lets you take SATA inputs and plug them into a single SATA port internally. They make raid BOXES for external storage, which do that.

So, here's the question. I now have an extra 160 GB of empty. Should I keep it? Should I return it? I've realized, I could put a lot of video and audio onto that extra space, but I could also get back about $65 returning it (less restocking fee.)

And I have yet to transfer everything over from the old PC. Will probably start that running tomorrow night. And then sometime, try out to see how well it handles City Of.


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