Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

Metaphors for family and how they can prevent understanding - authoritarianism and competing definit

I've recently had my world-view reset in a way that lets me comprehend (if not adopt) some people whom I might otherwise think were barking mad, and as usual, it happened when I read someone else's insight that crystallized my own muddling.

It starts with a series of essays by Sara Robinson, a former fundamentalist, and cross-links in marvelous ways.

I first ran into this series of dialogues on ozarque's live journal. Ozarque is Suzette Hadyn Elgin, a linguist and science fiction writer. Since her journal is fairly well-read, when she pointed out the link, an interesting series of conversations ensued, which I'm linking in order, because there's a lot of other interesting stuff interspersed on her journal and this is already something that might take days or weeks to traverse.

Recommended link; disagreeing without being disagreeable...
Recommended link; theists and atheists, interacting...
Yet one more Doug Muder link.... - about red/blue family from religious POV
Models for family, from James Ault and Doug Muder...
The Inherited Obligations Family/Negotiated Commitments Family, continued....
The IO Family/NC Family model; about negotiation...
Linguistics and politics and metaphors, oh my....

I believe this is as much as has been said on the matter so far. I've been trying to construct a set of axes on which to measure where people would fit.

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