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Update on the Cancer Thing

We saw the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Schray, yesterday.
Naturally they had NO idea why we were there, and gently explained that though it was the thing to do, 20 years ago, to administer radiation first, that now we do surgery first.
So we had to explain that Dr. Gosewehr had sent us to get the information on radiation since there was a good chance we'd have to do that, and that he was on vacation.
That we knew about the cancer (stage 1 possibly stage 2 based on the small number of cells found in the cervix, with the small mass in the uterus possibly being a fibroid cyst with endometrial cancer wrapped around it) and that we just needed to get information about what would be involved in radiation and when and why it would happen if it did.
So. If they do a vaginal hysterectomy rather than opening the abdominal wall (a possible problem in a larger woman like my wife) they won't be able to take out the many bits and pieces that they want to take out. Specifically, ovaries and a couple lymph nodes.
Without those bits, they end up wanting to do a radiation series.
It's very specific, focussed on the pelvis alone and on specific target areas.
They do one zap a day for five days a week, for five weeks. Then they do a single zap of some kind of internal thing, once a week, for three weeks.
Allegedly it isn't exhausting or painful. Allegedly hair doesn't fall out.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to arrange for her to see her doctor; I'm also due, as well as needing some more blood work done. Grumble. Vampires. And we pay them for the privelege.

At this point we're _thinking_ of doing the simple vaginal hysterectomy.
Because it's easiest to recover from. And crossing our fingers that there won't be additional stuff to do.

But we're not sure whether or not we'll have to do the other kind instead, the abdominal entry.

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