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I managed to get to sleep by 2:30 this morning instead of 4:30, and as a result, woke up an hour later, and then forced myself to NOT get up, went back to sleep. After a while I started dreaming, a long, complicated dream which isn't anywhere near as fun when I try to explain it, but it involved conspiracies to take over the government by the military-industrial complex, the secret superhero training facilities, Las Vegas casinos WITHOUT ties to organized crime, and other unbelievable things :)

The part I remember most clearly was the two intelligent, talking giant otters who rescued me from a trap that wouldn't let me move; they took me to the people who could help. One of them, to my great delight, was Penny. At that point I realized I was dreaming, but didn't need to wake up. I knew it was really her rather than only a dream - she looked like she did in college, but NO GLASSES. That's the important part, right there, the 'no glasses'. Anyway, there was some "good to see you again" conversation, but as I got closer to hug her, she said "wait, not yet," and I woke up abruptly. I knew it was the orpheus effect - the dream gets broken when you try to make it immanent in the physical world - so I just lay there and remembered and listened to ELO playing in the music track in my head.

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