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Week 42

42 isn't the answer.

I felt too crummy this week (and my sleep is even more catastrophically disturbed) to meet with my Stephen Minister. I had a badly inflamed sinus thing going on.
Started taking "airborne" when I started feeling crummy, and it seems to have helped some.

Other than that... I had three phone calls from phone solicitors for politics, all robots, one being an ass who is running for governor on a platform of lies, fear, uncertainty and doubt... NOT voting for him.

I also got a call from a recruiter for a placement agency, and sent him an updated resume'.

Around 4:00, I needed a nap (stupid narcolepsy) and lay on the couch (extended the recliner, which isn't QUITE lying back far enough) with a lap blanket.
Vinnie came in, and after much fussing and stomping, settled onto my right arm, purring constantly.
I fell asleep for a little while, and then Clint came in and decided he needed to be on my chest. He woke me up by licking my chin once, then settled down with my nose in his ear and we all went to sleep for a bit longer.
I didn't actually dream, much, but I was aware again that Penny was watching me, and then the rush-hour trains woke Clint up... he'd wake for the whoosh of the train, stare to see what it was, settle down again with is cheek resting on my chin, then back to sleep for a few minutes until the next one. Through all this, I was drowsing, slowly waking up. Finally, I decided to sit up more, and both cats fled in disgust. I am not an adequate cat bed - I move too much.

Still miss you, Penny.

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