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Had an urgent call from a recruiter, to the effect that he needed a person with drivers experience. I have not worked on drivers in over 15 years. The word 'drivers' does not appear on my resume'. We finally connected, after much ado, and I explained that it's been a while doing that... he sighs, they want someone who's worked on drivers in the last year and a half.
I reminded him that I have been out of work for the last year and a half.

Meanwhile, the other job possibility is with Azad ... the recruiter was out of the office when I called, so I left a message. May be time again to see if she's at work... but it's such a lovely day out that many people are taking leeetle tiny vacations. Fooie. Find me work, lady, then you can vaca.

The oncologist is on his little vaca until next Thursday, so our appointment to schedule the surgery is now set for the 20th, almost a month after she first saw him. We've already seen the Radiation Oncologist, who told us "why are you here? This seems to be a standard endometrial-uterine cancer, you should have the surgery first and then have the radiation if indicated."
Which means, of course, that they hadn't gotten any kind of prep from Dr. Gosewehr stating why he sent us there. Feh, fooie, fie.

The other thing that's frustrating me... iceraver is installed in his new digs-du-jour at Haven House, and was online for just long enough to trigger me to prepare for a great IC angst situation for Kaos, and hasn't been on since, for two days.
Now, I know that graveyardgreg would tell me if there was anything crisis going on, like if the Le got mugged or freaked out his first night at the Toy Store.

Anyway. I'm working on the answer to the problem, and it'll require an update app to Theme. With the explanation of why it's needed, so far they all say, It makes sense, but I'm being very careful ... this has the danger of being something horribly twinky.

And. They haven't nuked Gabe yet. Gordon's still not back though. I looked for his name on the only UK address/phone search I could find. There are 11 people listed with his name, but we can't remember where exactly he was living. Sussex, I think... and there's one there, but... dare we call? It's a pretty expensive phone call for a wrong number.


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