Steve Hutchison (foomf) wrote,
Steve Hutchison

grumble about animated kid show

OK, "Ben-10" has become annoyingly stupid with the writing in the latest episode "A Change of Face".

Yeah, it's necessary for Ben and his grandfather to be stupid about the suddenly different behavior of Gwen after Ben saw her being hit by some weird spell that HE was trapped in. Yeah, Ben, who is a paranoid little goober, is going to not pay attention to that. Where was the story editor? Or is this the 'second/third-season crapfest' that too many series run into?

Clue to the writers: when the story sounds stupid to an adult because the characters aren't talking, acting, or otherwise behaving in a way consistent with their previous history, then it's absolutely going to sound stupid to a 10 year old. Especially if the 10 year old that they're supposed to identify with, the one who REALLY knows what his cousin acts like, is being stupid in a way that they would not be.

Oh yeah, and the 'Girl's School' riff in the juvenile detention? Was unbelievable in the 1950s. Obviously none of the writers has seen a juvie, ever, outside the Scare Movies. It takes much longer than 5 hours to go from a solitary containment cell to a juvenile detention center, even if Salem HAD such a center for girls. A 'superhuman' who has been seen to be using magic etc. is not going to be allowed to stay in her halloween costume. Jailhouse orange jumpsuit. Magic spell book hidden in sleeves? Confiscated. Butch girl bully making threats in the presence of a guard? Maybe, but most likely butch girl gets to sit in the corner (solitary cell) for a while.

Oh yeah, and you can outrun a speeding car on a Segway (top speed 25 MPH) ... ok, they did it for comic effect, but still.

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