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Week 51, the real one.

After waking up two days in a row at the time of day when I have been more likely to see as bedtime, and trying to get that last hour or two of sleep before the alarm went off, and then stumbling around like a brain-starved zombie for a while waiting for the provigil to take effect, I was not at my most alert this morning.

I had a 9am interview; the person I was interviewing with is a very nice person and has presented me with some information about two possible permanent-hire positions, which I will hopefully match; I'll send her the guts of what would otherwise be a cover letter, and we'll see if they match what the company wants.

I didn't get to work until just before 1pm, oh well. Michael had pulled in a copy of the program as it exists on the dealership computer, and we proved that the CVS system doesn't have a copy of the install base, and that there are changes which have not been tracked in the CVS system, and I made an archive for in-case-of-catastrophe events (and will be folding stuff back into CVS) and fiddled around with tomcat and apache. I worked until 5pm, and when I left, the database was being updated from the provider, using the correct updater. All very helpful and distracting. I only had a brief moment of stabbing pain, thinking of the frantic trip to the hospital that we were forced to make last year.

In the car, driving to the store, I became furious, and while I doubt that I invented any new blasphemies, it wasn't for lack of trying. In the store, trying to get cat food and litter, and some foods that were on sale, and some nutrition drink for Ruth, I was distracted again, and not aware of the pain or the fury.
I went to check my lottery tickets - the Win for Life won something, woohoo! - and in line in front of me were a man and his woman, late 20s early 30s, she blessed with a series of very large warts around her nose, he blessed with balding and thin red hair and extremely pale, slightly moist skin, and both of them overweight the slightly bloated look that comes with eating a high-carb poverty diet - though there was no indication that they needed to be doing so.
Behind them, a sweaty, tired man in a baseball uniform - apparently just got done teaching a class or something.
Then was me. Another guy thought about getting in line behind me.

The singular woman at the customer service counter was at the far end of the counter where the video rental is located; she was trying to deal with a teenish couple, very cute, very young. Very frustrated, as they couldn't prove that they had Mommy's permission for HIM to use her rental card, so after a very long time, the manager apparently allowed them to call Mommy to get her to phone in permission.
So, the baseball player left in disgust at this point, and I was that much closer, as the customer service lady came up and the couple attempted to return FOR CASH a bunch of clothing given as christmas gifts. To a grocery store which sometimes has holiday items. Apparently they wanted the cash badly; they managed to get the stuff returned for credit to the credit card, and then purchased a small thing for a couple bucks and then took $100 cash draw from the credit card. This took about 15 hours. In the middle of the process, the phone rang ... it was Mommy from the earlier customers.

THEN the customer service lady had to head back to the video rental, learning that the Mommy would under no circumstances allow the boy (who lived in his own home) to use her card number, and when the manager suggested he could leave his own credit card number against the chance of him not returning, he got rather vocal about going the hell to Blockbuster, fuck this noise, etc.

The cashier returned and finished the Great Return, and they departed no richer, but more liquidly endowed, and I got to wait while the cashier went to handle the oriental man who had also been patiently waiting.
There was a minor hiccup - cannot use phone number to look up card, have to have name - and then she came over and processed my winnings, a huge $4.00, and I snarked a bit about "Now that you're done with the grifters and the kid who just moved out of Mommy's basement..." then bought replacement tickets. And got it wrong, I spend $2.00 on the Powerball, not the Megabucks. Oh well.

And then in the car, driving back, I started inventing even more elaborate blasphemies and demanding answers, but the only ones I got were the ones I already knew.

Last week, for whatever reason, I was fairly much at peace, but this week, it's gone.
I'm calm, at the moment, in the same way that the riptide at the coast looks like a pleasant eddy. If I get the provocation, I will probably do a shark imitation.

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