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OK, my goals for the year are:

Get my blood sugars under control without full-on medical intervention by July, or start medical intervention.

Improve my appearance and health by losing fat and getting regular daily exercise

Improve my diet towards a more neolithic model on a daily basis

Get a 'permanent' job (and stop the Sha-na-na earworm)

Improve my household discipline by cleaning, by de-cluttering, and by selecting which parts of Penny's stuff I intend to keep, measured by monthly goals.

Improve my general discipline (vague but I do have some goals monthly)

My processes for the month are:

Blood sugars: exercise, diet, and cinnamon integrate to get regular morning reading below 200

Health and appearance (losing fat): start planning meals to fit the goal. Buy food to fit the plan.
Every week will have a meal-plan done in advance. Make sure to use frozen food and cycle it through.
Specific meal elements are, at least four and preferably six small meals. Include 1/2 tsp cinnamon in breakfast cereal, and/or in tea drunnk with breakfast. Take the damn metamucil, that's why I bought it.
Plan the meals. Embarrass self by putting the meal list on my journal.

Health and appearance (regular exercise): Treadmill at rec center, 30 minutes, OR, walk to Iron Dog and back.
Three times per week, at least 5 minutes with the kettlebell exercises.

Neolithic diet: Include raw or roasted veggie in at least two meals. Whole-grain cereal of some sort at least one meal, two if possible. No more than 2 serving (8oz) meat at a meal unless that is the entire meal, when it can be 4 servings. Fruit (dried is OK) at least 2 servings during day. Nuts, same.

Permanent job: at least 30 minutes doing job search activities per workday. (NOT hard to do)

Household discipline: At least 30 minutes cleaning (can coincide with cooking if cooking is not attention-intensive) per day, without computer distraction.
At least one tape from the collection of VHS that I want to get rid of, copied to DVD.
At least two hours Saturday, or one hour during week, spent on these projects:
Find out what smaller couch or recliner cost would be. (stupid tiny apartment) Acquire, and unload larger couch, by end of month.
Acquire or make 'PC station' by end of month.
Clear away clothing boxes from living room by end of month. Is OK to just store some.

Improve general discipline: See schedules above. Set times for key points in planner, clearing out obsolete planner entries that I ignore. Be in bed by no later than 1:30AM (Friday or Saturday, but not both, may deviate from this if it doesn't prevent planned things) and wake up by 7:00 AM every day, even if I go back to sleep after.
Planning session every week by 1pm Sunday.
Schedule CoX time and do not exceed allowed times.
At least 30 minutes per day in prayer, meditation, or deliberate reflection. (at 7:15am)
Make it to church every Sunday, by Eucharist.

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