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It is exactly 32 degrees out now, at 11:30AM Pacific time on January 16th, 2007.

And it snowed last night.

I got up to go to work, noted the snow, noted that it seemed to have stopped, and got ready.

I had to go to the bank, and then to Michael's to work.

The bank... took longer than I wanted. I got in at 9:30, and out at 10:30, due to a phone call interrupting me as I talked to the teller. Since there was no line, he didn't mind.

There were a few idiots as I went to the bank. There were a few more as I got out.

Idiots are those people for whom snow means "drive slower than I would walk, down the middle of the two lanes, and slow down when I am about to go UP a hill." Or they're "Hey, I have a four-wheel-drive truck the size of my house, and big fat giant tires that say all-weather, so I can drive at 1.5x the speed limit and weave in and out." The latter were mercifully rare, mostly in the ditches.

The Prius did pretty good on the road, with the hybrid drive being especially good at low-speed torque and slowing without sliding. I got to about 2 blocks away from Michael's place, and there was a police car blocking the inbound half the road, no explanations, just stopping people and turning them away. When asked, the idiotofficer said that we should go around to Cornell Road and come back up. Yeah. 1.5 miles of this kind of stuff only worse, is going to be safer than going two blocks. PURE GENIUS.

I decided to skip work today and instead come in Saturday. Got onto Cornell, going past the airport, and could see that on the hill going up to Intel, everything was insane, with an 18 wheeler skidded sideways and at least two of the 4WD wannabes at odd angles, so turned onto Brockman (SO glad they punched that through) and found myself behind an extreme idiot of the first part. She at no point broke 15mph on sanded road with nothing in front of her, and she slowed to 6MPH before two hills which she almost didn't make. There was a line of eight cars behind me as we came to the light on Main and she was actually outpaced in her left turn by the person carefully walking across the street at the same time (not anywhere near her, of course, they were going straight ahead.)

Eventually I was able to get out from behind her, stopped at New Seasons and got some 'luxury' food, as in, some mushrooms, some yellow grape tomatoes, some chicken wings, a pound of meatloaf mix for making meatballs, a small garlic baguette for making the meatballs into a sandwich, some Quinoa flour (FINALLY) and a bag of Dagobah cacao nibs. The drive back was weird - with the traffic and the rising temperatures, the intersections were a bit slick and I tended to spin a bit too much taking out. There was at least one AIEE moment when a bunch of people in front suddenly stopped, and I was sure the car behind me wouldn't.

I got home safely, though, and have been hiding here, calling the cats rude names. Not sure how I'll deal with the rest of the week - maybe work longer days, to keep saturday free? Or just work Saturday. Grumble.

latter tasted very nifty but were unsweetened, and I'll need to find a use for them.

Meatball sandwich was pretty good; I fried them in olive oil then simmered them in some jar tomato sauce that I especially like, for a half hour, then dished them onto half the baguette. If I'm still hungry in another 10 minutes I'll have the other half.

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