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371 days

I can't calculate weeks, but I can certainly work out the number of days in a year.

I'm still in the numb space following the one-year crash.
Got another job lead today, have to send a clean recent resume.
Ordered replacement glasses for the evil "trifocal" continuous-lenses, with their astigmatism and headaches with spotty edges around them - actual migraines caused by bad glasses, bleh. The replacements will be for computer use, with a shorter focal for the top of the lenses, which is kinda what I need.

Penny is still ghosting around my dreams but I'm still not remembering them very well, which is probably some sort of existential commentary on how we would be pleasantly together but not intensely involved in one another. Except.

Saying that, I remember sitting at the PC doing some writing for the Dragon's Inn, and Penny sitting in her recliner with knitting on her lap, and Savvy sitting on the foot-bar helping her pull the threads, and Penny suggesting that I get Savvy to help me with my writing, as she was MY cat. We didn't though, because it was too funny watching Savvy with the cross-stitch.


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