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Another gaming rant, or is it a whine?

Oh, all right. It's a whine. Don't read it if you hate whining or find game stuff uninteresting.


It seems that my Kaos character on MXT is going through a little unhappiness. To briefly summarize, his mind fragmented and formed a 'team' of disparate personalities due to prolonged psionic control, torture, and a few way-too-near-death experiences.
The key features: Kidnapping and mind control, torture, and being changed into a megalomaniac's tool.
Any of these features causes Kaos' personality matrix to destabilize, that is, he tends to get flashbacks. They can be quite debilitating.
So. We have his friend and teammate Mike (Sundowner) turned into the murderous Famine.
We have an acquaintance, a russian telekinetic, turned into Pestilence.
We have a villain acquaintance (Creel) essentially agreeing to become War. (no brainwashing, no trigger)
We have a friend and drinking buddy (Hellhound) tortured and mind-controlled into becoming a Dark Rider.
We have two acquaintances (Cleopatra and Thierry) kidnapped and bullied into becoming Dark Riders.
We have a friend (Corvine) barely escape this.
And we have his lover (the Rave) kidnapped and very brainwashed, attacking and attempting to kill friends.

In a functional multiple personality system this kind of stress on the things that caused the split, generally causes a further split: the development of a Protector personality.

OK. Here's the thing. Kaos' personalities are tied to bodies by his power. So. The new personality (Gift) either gets a body of his own or he remains free-floating ... with a body of his own, he's a good thing. Without it, he becomes what Gift means in German: Poison.
With a body of his own, he has his own power. Without, he simply does what Protectors do: locks the others in a happy safe dream world and stays out himself. This makes the character unplayable in the long run.

Unfortunately it's looking a LOT like it'll be rejected and without time for the last climactic battle where the new powerset would be worth it. That means Poison.

I've worked out a way for the personality called Gift to get killed... but ... the whole thing is going to leave a lot of emotionally ruined husks walking around. Which sucks.


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